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HELL.exe is a digital reconstruction of Jeroen Bosch' painting Garden of Earthly Delights. This painting consists of 3 parts and the Hell part was appointed to artist Floris Kaayk. He asked me to join him as I have experience with the game engine Unity.


For this project the idea was to create an endless painting. The simulation consists of endless loops and endless interactions between the trapped souls and their tormentors.

I was responsible for:

  • Creating and setting up the scene in Unity, like lighting and positioning of objects
  • Creating the interaction between characters and environment
  • Producing a path for characters to follow
  • Optimizing the simulation by reducing vertex count, animated objects and particle effects where possible


HELL.exe debuted last year in the Museum Of The Image, or MOTI, in Breda. The exposition lasted until 31th of december 2016.


You can view a recording of the simulation below: