It's all in your head

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Graduation project: VR Movie about experiencing psychosis. Click here to see the video on YouTube.

View the movie teaser here.

It's all in your head is a Virtual Reality movie produced by me for my graduation project. I wanted to create a movie which explores an experience not many people can relate to, including myself. I chose a mental illness, because I believe mental illnesses are still a delicate subject, even though they shouldn't. With this movie I wanted to open people's eyes about seeing or hearing things you know aren't there…but they are.


I modeled and animated all objects in Maya and textured them with Photoshop. I created all my scenes in Unity.


You can view an early moving storyboard here.


Here are some behind the scenes images! I build two rooms for switching between the mental state, used invisible monsters that render when you look at them and more. The movie is basically one big timeline with well-placed animations and events happening.




And below you can see the exposition setup and a few viewers!